• Soothe your Mind Body and Soul

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Increase Mental Clarity and Focus

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence

  • Trigger the Brain's Relaxation Response

  • Develop a Greater Sense of Self-Awareness

  • Bathe yourself with Sacred Healing Sounds



Kait is a Teacher, Healer and Messenger of Love that has dedicated herself to empowering others to find their own inner freedom and to live the life they so longingly desire. She does this through transformational coaching, guided meditations and sound healing therapy work. Helping others heal themselves and moving them through their personal pain is both her passion and her natural born gift. 


Each of us are born fearless, unlimited, unconditionally loving beings of light. The  stresses of our modern day world, along with our personal life's conditioning, blocks our capacity and energy to unlock our full potential. Kait knows first hand that in order to transform the world at large, we must first start from within. As your Transformational Facilitator, Kait will gently guide you to dive deep and explore, ultimately unleashing your true essence, capacity to love and inner peace.




Each session starts with a Guided Meditation including light Breathwork and a Soundbath. These are 55 minute magical journey experiences combining sacred healing instruments, distance healing and re-aligning energies such as Reiki and the Akashic Records invoked by Kait. 


Not only will this relax you and deepen your meditation, it will will expand your consciousness, opening you to a deeper connection to your authenticity, unconditional self-love, and inner peace. Prepare to release stuck energies in your body that hold you back from living the life you desire.  Your willing presence and openness to receiving is all that's required. 

A soundbath before sleep is one of Kait's all time favorite things to experience and she highly recommends doing so, before you plan to go to sleep, if at all possible. You will experience a deeper night of sleep with the energy of your day having been released throughout. At the same time, Kait taught this same class in the late mornings for a years time and people also had powerful movement experiences on some level. 




Tuesdays at

8:00pm CST



Thursdays at

10:00am CST


 Everything is energy and we are energetic beings of sound. Just like instruments, we also need our own tuning up. SOUND THERAPY is so effective because it influences both our emotional and physical bodies. The different sounds and vibrations can interact with us in the following *ways:


  • Reduce Anxiety, Depression and Stress

  • Improve Immunity 

  • Induce Complete Relaxation

  • Promote Deep Meditation

  • Increase Mental Clarity and Focus

  • Improve Sleep

  • Relieve Insomnia

  • Relieve Physical Pain

  • Normalize Blood Pressure

  • Release Stuck Emotions or Trauma

  • Activate Higher States of Consciousness

In addition MEDITATION has been shown to


  • Preserve the Aging Brain 

  • Help with Addiction

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence

  • Develop a Greater Sense of Self-Awareness

* Info taken from studies done at UCLA, Yale and John Hopkins University



“Once you are meditative, music will naturally be a part of your life. Everything is vibration. Everything is sound.”

- Sadhguru



All classes are $11. at this time.


That was so relaxing.  I haven’t had a body massage since Covid 19.  This session felt like a thorough massage starting with my head and touching all parts of my body.


I'm ready to have a good nights sleep.  I’ll definitely do it again. Grateful !

— Cynthia Isaac, Saint Louis, MO

That was sooooo awesome! I feel super relaxed but energized at the same time!!! 

The sounds came through amazingly well. It was as if we were right there in the same room with you. Thank you!

— Erika Nickless, Santa Monica, CA

I had a huge breakthrough at Kait’s sound bath! It was my first time at such event and I had no idea what to expect, but it was amazing! I’d been asking God to show me my past because I had lost all my memories. In fact, I was afraid of what I was going to find out. But turns out, I had so many wonderful memories of my life passing through my eyes... it was almost like a “near death experience!” And I realized why I have blocked myself to feel through life.


It’s a huge breakthrough for me that I’ve been seeking and working at, and last night when I was able to relax and let the sounds take my mind to the past on its own without forcing anything... bam! It broke the barrier. Thank you God! Thank you Kait! I’m just so grateful!

— Karina N, Culver City, CA

Within moments of surrendering my mind and body in Kait’s Energy Healing Sound Meditation Class, I was floating in a profound grace, supporting me in the most powerful yet gentle way. During the energy healing portion, I could see and feel with my inner eye, streams of light shooting out of Kait’s hands, turning my whole being into an ocean of liquid light.

What a magical experience, to have a waterfall of light pouring out of one soul into another. I entered with the weight of the world. I left weightless. I am so grateful to have such an immaculate soul, as a face to face reminder of my true identity – pure, radiant and loving light. Thank you Kait. I’ll see you next Thursday! 

— Michelle Anna-Katrina, West Hollywood, CA

Desert in Dark


Click below to book a one on on Akashic Record reading where you explore yourself from the soul level perspective

The Akashic Records are a dimensional consciousness, or energetic library that contain all past, present and future possibilities for all in existence, including humans, animals, businesses, events, etc. This insightful, spiritual tool is accessed through a sacred prayer and provides great wisdom and healing when you do not have the clarity or objectivity you need to understand your situations, potentials, purpose or life struggles. 
Throughout history, the Akashic Records been referred to as the Eye of God, the Book of Life, the Cosmic Mind or the Universal Mind. The Akashic Records contain the energy of love and wholeness. Receiving this view of you will reveal your true essence through the Eyes of Divine Love. The purpose in accessing your personal records is not only for clarity in the area's of your life that you seek, but also to elevate and move you into a higher state of consciousness and action.


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